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I really dig the idea, but I wish it generated unambiguous puzzles.  My very first game had a point where it was a 50/50 guess.  I mean, maybe it wasn't with solves that were offscreen and came back, but there was nothing I could do with what I was given.

Cool nonetheless, though!


Thanks for the feedback!

If I ever come around and add any other modes to this, then guaranteed solvability would certainly a top priority. Being able to do that with an infinite board means I’d have to modify existing algorithms, but it should be doable in theory.


I know the algorithm Simon Tatham's version uses is hyperlocal (it never requires more than a distance of 2 deduction), and given the way the screen scrolls the bottom row will always have at least two rows above it fully visible, so I actually don't think it'd take any modification at all.

In any event, thanks for replying.  This really is a neat idea and game. :)


Strangely relaxing, and about as fun as the endless games of solitaire I usually use to kill time without minding if I am interrupted. Well done! I like the additions to the map after the 100 somethings. I think it might have been mines, but I wasn't counting. :-)